Outskirts Stroll_v1.0

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Qutskirts Stroll
Created by Arrr

Map Info

A quite large 2 player map, with a will finish the description in a sek.

A 96x96 playable map, Village/Ashenvale tileset.

-2 Players
-4 Expos - two orange camps, tho red camps
-2 Shops - Orange camp
-2 Goblin Labs - Orange camp
-2 Lordaeron Summer Merc Camps - Orange camp
-1 Tavern

total creeps:
-10 green camps
-10 orange camps
-2 Expo red camps

Some other stuff about map

Some things have been changed in the Object editor:
-Critters no longer have collision
-An item had its price changed, to fit the rest of the items dropped by the same camp.


A proprer minimap/overview

Now the pics of the nice parts to scam you into downloading a visually unrefined map due to lack of time

Note:These are screenshots of the 1.0 version, new versions will not vary the map drastically, so these still are quite accurate

Change Log

-v1.0 First release


Please report any issue/complain you have.

Map is free to use and edit

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Village, ashenvale, melee, human, night, elf, undead, orc, contest, Arrr.

Outskirts Stroll_v1.0 (Map)

Maybe you could add more wood to the far expansions. Approved. =============================== Always check/recheck the Map Submission Rules! (Map Submission Rules) A detailed changelog in the first post would be helpful to reviewers and notify...
Level 12
May 25, 2017
Now I see through into preview
  1. It's kinda basic, classy
  2. Lack of wood but balanced gold mine for longer time play.
  3. Good terrain, but :< lack some nature .
But its good, fit for classic player ;) 5*/5 +1 rep
Level 2
Nov 27, 2017
What a decent map! Also, nice screenshots you took from the map! I find them the best scenes, in my opinion. :thumbs_up:

EDIT: I'm curious of why there are units modified when opening it in the World Editor. :vw_wtf: But no matter! That won't change my view on the map.
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Level 2
Nov 27, 2017
Ah, maybe he wanted to do some Easter Eggs or something. I thought maybe he modified the melee aspect of the game. Thanks for clarifying.
The racoon is fine, since it is placed in the map. Arthas, however, is nowhere to be found in the map. :vw_wtf: