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Orcish Soldier

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Brutish orc warrior. Made freehand without any CnP. Textures\Bandit.blp When youhave write this path in both the bandit axemen and the bandit spearmen will be replaced.

Orcish Soldier (Texture)

THE_END: Crazy crazy ugly skin, and I mean that bad
Level 2
Sep 11, 2004
Nice job. Really nice. Note that he has got buns of steel. :lol: or leather. :lol:

You could have worked at the axe and shield a bit. Helmet could be a bit more "orcy".
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
Did you saved it under 32bits, the mini-dots on it are really fuzzy.
Erm, you cnped him teeths and hairs.. You loose points, you should do it freehanded instead. Then there's the freehanded face part, it's very unclean, if you have the smudge tool use it so it looks clear. Something can be easily hideous and frightening by being clean. It looks like you darkned his face by doing quick hatches of lines. I highly recommend you to make it more recognizable, and add a orcish tint ( brown, green? )
Level 12
Aug 10, 2004
This is interesting
Lotr styled nice
I enjoy it but it's more of an undead sort of model to me
But i like how you did it
Level 4
Sep 11, 2004
1) how the hell is this an Orc?
2) Much too similar on all surfaces, needs a little variation, WHAT AM I SAYING!??!?! a little? a lot?

Level 5
Aug 26, 2004

great for large maps with large battles, and small units... and lots of gore... and bloodshed... lotr based of course...

definitely an orc, good job. The orc during the first age were well-armed and ironshod so that they were pretty deadly. Mordor's orcs, they were crap. Angband had great orcs, but they just were very improvisational... not too much strategic variation...

BTW, most orcs are pretty drab with browns, greys, blacks.... skin can be black, red, green, brown, grey....and swart.... and scarly, leathery... etc.