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  • Hi Morpheus,

    It has been a decade now, but thank you for all the models, you made for me back then!
    I am back to map making after so many years now and just wanted to ask you, whether I am allowed to edit some of your trees to make them use a snowy texture in game.
    Well, despite you are probably not active anymore these days, I still want to send you best regards!
    Okay, to everyone who is stumbling upon my personal site here:


    *plz do not write visitor messages, so that this message always satys on top*

    catch me on the polycount forums, same nickname!
    Hehe, lol xD

    Joa. Klar. solche probleme hab ich zum glück nicht :p

    Hehe, ok, werd ich mir merken :D

    Joa, geht nur ums schulterpad. Wär super wenn das geht :D

    Past, werd dann auch mal off gehen. Werd aber heute wahrscheinlich nimmer kommen :)
    Oh, und, bist du auf skype angemeldet? is find ich die gemütlichste art zu schreiben :p
    Joa, bin österreicher um genau zu sein :D habs ma e schon gedacht als De.Facto deutsch geschrieben hat. :D
    Heyo, it's me again :D I see, you got some pretty cewl models (at least, I can remember that from older threads :p) and I wanted to ask you, if you would like to help me out at a model I have :) Check the my WIP thread for nearer informations/the model I need help with. Pictures I would give you when you agree on helping me :)
    Heyo :) I actually have no new models, though, I'm working on a model for the Paired Modelling/Texturing Contest, (check model inthe thread) and was too lazy to upload something in my gallery :D But after that, an other texturer wants to team up with me for fun, so you can expect new models/textures then ;D
    SC2 houses? :p I want to get into SC2 but- ehhhhh... I played the beta for months and got editor- but- eh.
    Hey i noticed in your house pack example- there are windows with shudders open and no little garden object jutting out- where are these? there is only window and window upper neither of which look like whats included in the pack.
    Wir machen Cherno noch fertig und dann weiß ich auch nicht, wohin es uns verschlägt.
    Portal 2 wird ebenso sehr interessant. Vielleicht machen wir da eher was.. Valve > Blizz. :>
    Nö, ich bin da zwar angemeldet aber nicht aktiv.
    Ist das überhaupt erlaubt in Visitor Messages deutsch zu sprechen?
    Well no terrainer with an IQ above 70 is going to try, and make unrealistic blizzardish terrain.

    Edit: Great models I love the shields, but I'm looking for high res Icecrown\Northrend doodads, like trees, rocks, etc... If you know any high res ones link me.
    80+!? Where at? I'm working on a fairly big map project, and I need some high res doodads so why don't you send me a link.
    Well it's not necessarily a fanbase I just respect people who make kickass models, and I've seen your kickass models on Wc3c. I'm sure a few people are the same.
    Pyritie banned me for a year for saying he was an asshole XD... It was worth every second XD... I'm a big fan btw lol...
    well, i did nothing else!

    it is when u start, but u haveto get use to it, one way or the other, or u need to stick with wc3...
    thats what i said for like years now, geomerging might be nice if u wanna doodle aroudn a bit, but has no future...
    there are good tutorials on max and zbrush (or maya, mudbox kombo would be fine, too. like maya or max for the modeling of lowpoly versions and zbrush or mudbox for sculpting)...
    And i guess for the latter is a tablet highly recomended...
    It is.. daunting.. for someone who has learned something all by himself :/
    I guess so...

    But i'd need to actually get the game first.. and since i cannot buy online.. :[
    I've just now read a tutorial that described that.. "mental step" as you might call it.

    I can guess the SC II will be more like professional modeling, unlike war3
    i think that means adios to holes at the bottom and such?
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