Orc Lich

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Orc Lich using in battle shovel - staff to digging up bones and iron hand to pierce his enemies.

Model uses only ingame textures.

Thanks for help, RetroSexual, now model includes event objects and little more details.

Orc, Undead, Lich, Mage, Necro, Caster, Dress, Truespin, Fishbrain, Retro, Sexual.

Orc Lich (Model)

Frankster: I forgot to tell you that you might need to add some team colouring. Just add a plate pad or a glow, that would be enough.





I forgot to tell you that you might need to add some team colouring. Just add a plate pad or a glow, that would be enough.
Level 4
Mar 7, 2010
The upper body would need to look more "undead" for my taste.
Its more like an orcish necromancer instead of a lich.
Level 9
Feb 12, 2010
This is a really cool model and I do not recommend you change it by an extreme amount.
I tested it ingame, and it doesn't seem to have bugs, but I did came up with a little criticism.

It's missing a death sound, I'd recommend Firelord as it seems to fit the animation best.
Also, the portrait camera is quite far away, which makes it look a little bit weird.
Last but not least you might want to improve the chest wrapping a little bit, mainly near the belt as it looks a little stretched here.

It's a really nifty and creative model and I hope you can improve it by just a little bit.

Level 4
Jun 13, 2011
Review: I honestly do not like this model he's holding a shovel with a skull on the hilt and the belt does not go with the body and the cloak. although I like what you did with the cloak. His ears are too far spread out his wrist part of his glove on his left hand is still there where the claw is. and the color of the glove does not go with the rest of the model. so, 1/5 for the cloak and the claw.



Level 19
Jan 9, 2004
Its funny how anyone with a "recognizable+high rep" name gives you the thumps up and then the unrecognizable gives you a crap review.

The model is creative, the mesh is average war3 mdl mesh, the anims are smooth, texture does not seem to be stretched and i look forward to seeing more of your work.

This deserves a 3/5.

Although it would please the mob if you would patch up the belt, personally i dont mind, i won´t be staring on how the belt looks ingame and it wont bother me none.
Level 1
Aug 23, 2011
I like the model.

But i would like to point out that the Liches that are already in game are Orcs too. They are the orc warlocks the Kil'jaden turned into undead after he catch Ner'zul in Twisting Nether at the end of Beyond the Dark Portal.