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Orc Doodad Pack (Lotr)

"...and scattered here and there were hovels, dens, holes in the mud; where the maggot folk of Mordor made their home."
- Unknown

This pack contains
- Orc Tent (Large)
- Orc Tent (Small)
- Orc Fence
- Orc Meat Rack
- Orc Weapon Rack

Keywords: Lord, of, the, rings, orc, camp, props, doodads, prop, doodad, structure, structures, pack, goblin, lotr, war, ring, encampment

- Removed decay smoke from final frame of decay animations in Orc Tents
- Updated decay particle animation tracks to include start-frame with a value of 1
- Added collision boxes to Orc Tents and calculated extents

Orc Fence (Model)

Orc Meat Rack (Model)

Orc Tent (Small) (Model)

Orc Tent Medium (Model)

Orc Weapon Rack (Model)

A fine set of orcish doodads. Changes made. Works in-game. Approved!



Model Reviewer
Level 27
May 8, 2012
Okay, much apologies for my oversight, but the geosets should also disappear at the end of Decay's animation and collision shape for the tents would be nice.

Also, I noticed that you put the visibility of the decay smoke particle only at the end of the Decay frame (300000: 0 in the Visibility node). It may still emit in the Magos editor and in WorldEditor, but the particle doesn't show in-game. It still needs an initial frame (240000:1 ;then 300000:0) just like how a geoset animation works. Just a reminder ^^.