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LotR Tower Pack

"I'm gonna get crushed unless I spam towers... oh, they brought siege."
- HerrDave

I've been working on a basemodel to make towers on for a while, and I've already made some nice towers with it.
The pack isn't done, but I figured I'd release the ones that area and update the pack as I finish the Gondorian and Isengard towers.

This pack includes 3 models, eventually 5
- Anorian Tower
- Rohan Tower
- Haradrim Tower
- Gondor Tower (Coming soon!)
- Isengard Tower (Coming soon!)

Keywords: Lotr, lord, of, the, rings, war, ring, battle, middle, earth, middle-earth, tower, building, defensive, defense, keep, bastion, citadel, spire

- Fixed Decay animation bug which caused the mesh to stick to nearby units

Arthedain Tower (Model)

Arthedain Tower Icon (Icon)

Haradrim Tower (Model)

Haradrim Tower Icon (Icon)

Rohan Tower (Model)

Rohan Tower Icon (Icon)

Lovely variations of watch towers. Changes made. Works in-game. Appproved!
Level 63
Dec 23, 2013
@HerrDave On Decay animations, the Artehaid and Harad tower seems to have their decayed structures attached to a faulty bone. When I tested the models in-game, the geoset would "cling" to a nearby moving unit. Could you confirm this?
Oh geez D:

Just tested it now with the Haradrim Tower, I was able to reproduce the bug - no clue what causes this or exactly how to fix it
I'm going to delete the bone and create a new one, hopefully it'll stick this time - I'll let you know what the results are

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