LotR Tower Pack

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"I'm gonna get crushed unless I spam towers... oh, they brought siege."
- HerrDave

I've been working on a basemodel to make towers on for a while, and I've already made some nice towers with it.
The pack isn't done, but I figured I'd release the ones that area and update the pack as I finish the Gondorian and Isengard towers.

This pack includes 3 models, eventually 5
- Anorian Tower
- Rohan Tower
- Haradrim Tower
- Gondor Tower (Coming soon!)
- Isengard Tower (Coming soon!)

Keywords: Lotr, lord, of, the, rings, war, ring, battle, middle, earth, middle-earth, tower, building, defensive, defense, keep, bastion, citadel, spire

-v1.0 none

Arthedain Tower (Model)

Arthedain Tower Icon (Icon)

Haradrim Tower (Model)

Haradrim Tower Icon (Icon)

Rohan Tower (Model)

Rohan Tower Icon (Icon)