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One Way Out v.1.0


One Way Out v.1.0 (Map)

Level 16
Oct 30, 2004
God has invaded hell. Chaos roams and one of you S.O.B.'s have a chance to escape. All you have to do is kill all others wanting to escape, but hey, you didnt get to hell by accident so you have no problem to kill everybody on your way. Hell has taken a hell of a beating and now is the time to get the hell out. One way out is better than no way out.

-There are 2 teams, for now they dont matter, the game itself is ffa (free for all). I put the teams in for another purpose which will be clearler in the next version.
-maximum of 8 players

How the game works:
-You start of by selecting a Pawn. Then you are given a random unit which is determined by your kill count
-After 5 and 11 kills you have the opportunity to get better units randomly when you select a pawn
-the map area is full of pawns so your enemy could just appear next to you, you can use this for some sort of stradegy
-After all the pawns have been used, there will be a final battle which determines the winner
-In the final battle you get all the units you got randomly in the first gameform
-You also get a hero in the final battle, heroes strenght is determined by how many kills you have

The game itself is simple and everybody will quikly learn it so try it out and see for yourself, and enjoy!

v.0.995 First release
v.1.00 Added new units for more fun! Enjoy!