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One good or bad IDEA?

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Level 7
May 6, 2008
I was thinking of making Diablo 2 map where you have to protect the world stone from prime evils(andariel,duriel,mephisto,diablo,baal)

How I planned to make it?:
Well first everyone picks one of the seven classes (amazon,sorceress,paladin,assassin,druid,barbarian,necromancer)
then they buy their things and goes to protect world stone from the first wave

after few waves they will have a chance to go SHOPPING and buy some goods
then they fight few more waves and andariel comes to kick their asses and so on to duriel,meph...

All i need is an opinion whadda ya think?
Level 6
Dec 9, 2007
If it's made properly, it could turn out pretty nice.
But I think it will be hard to choose the most important spells for the heroes. Since heroes in Diablo got like +25? each.

Good luck with it :)
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