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Ogre leaders

Alternate Stonemaul Warchief:

Made two alternate models of the Stonemaul Warchief with some differences fromt he original.

  • Both models use the Fixed Stonemaul Warchief as a base but with some changes to the armor and new weapons
  • New Icons made for each model
To set them as the default models in your game add to path:
  • Warcraft III\_retail_\units\creeps\ogreoneheadedarmored
Check out my other work here:
Hope you enjoy!
All feedback is welcomed.

Alternate Stonemaul Warchief (Model)

Alternate Stonemaul Warchief Icons (Icon)

Alternate Stonemaul Warchief portrait (Model)

Stonemaul Warlord (Model)

Stonemaul Warlord Icons (Icon)

Stonemaul Warlord portrait (Model)

Very simple edits but very good nonetheless. RECOMMENDED for upgraded variants !
Level 36
Mar 11, 2017
Kor'gall should have Nazgrel's Serathil IMO and this is what he looks like in WoW:

View attachment 397188
Aaa yes the Wod model if I am not mistaken...gonna let nazgrell keep his axe it look's better on him. Wanted to keep to the reforged model which had a club. If you want I do have an idea how to make him closer to this model.


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Level 36
Mar 11, 2017
that's nice ! needs a bit more touches

perhaps InsaneMonster could implement a custom cutscene where Rexxar takes that Serathil out of his hands when we get to The Founding of Durotar 😁

edit: the right one could be used for Mug'thol, just needs a bit more touches too and perhaps spikes on his hammer
That would be nice indeed!
Regarding the bit more touches. What do you suggest for the model? I added it with my other ogre ideas here Ogre elites but can give him an update if anything nice can be added to him