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Northrend Corridor v8.0 (en)

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Northrend Corridor
Created by Graffity

Map Info:

Northrend Corridor is a multiplayer map for Warcraft III, where two teams must destroy enemy fortress while defending own.
The first version 1.0 was created in 2003 and the version 7.0 of the map was released in 2006.
I took the opportunity to rework the map in 2020 with using Warcraft III Reforge to release v8.0.

It has different features than normal corridor map, improving the game-play and the game-lifetime.


  • More than 72 heroes, up to 20 levels
  • 6 abilities per hero
  • Lots of Mercenaries, Siege machines, Ships
  • Fortress abilities
  • More creatures if computers added
  • Unit control during resurrection


All screenshots available on the official website : Northrend Corridor - Warcraft III Map

Image Description:
Starting area, where we can choose the game mode.


Image Description:
Beginning of the game, where we have to choose our Hero.


Image Description:
Main shop with items generated at random.


Change Log:

The complete changelog of all versions is available on the official website. Northrend Corridor - Warcraft III Map


Except 4 external icons, I am the only one author of the map, I have created it completely on my own, with lots of existing examples of others corridor maps, and it took me several years to reach the quality I was expected.


I have created a complete strategy guide of the map (27 Mo, 44 pages) which explains all secrets of the map, you will find it here : http://northrend-corridor-wc3.atspa...rthrend Corridor Strategy Guide v8.0 (en).pdf

Loading Screen/Map Preview Image:


Northrend Corridor v8.0 (en) (Map)

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