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Northern Siege

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Level 1
Sep 17, 2011
The northern had become colder as the Lich King took control. Two nations are in a struggle to obtain its power, The Naga and The Undead.

Battle as a hero, kill creeps to earn exp, capture locations to get gold per second.
Waves that reach the Lich King starts gathering it's power, when capturing half of the power, all units are upgraded. (Drain speed, damage, health, movement speed)
Upon draining the Lich King's power, each team will choose a hero to be grant the power.
A final match between the two will decide the victor team.


Terrain: 1%
Heroes : 0%
Game Mechanics: 0%

By: UtopianHero

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Deleted member 177737

It would make more sense if it was the Nerubian and the Undead since the Naga had pretty much nothing to do with Northrend until WOTLK and even then they were barley present.
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