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Noob custom spell/effect question

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Level 1
Dec 7, 2019
Hello HW, I'm newly registered and a complete noob in map making, but it's so interesting I have to give it a shot.

So my problem is : I'm trying to make a leveled unit ability/effect to increase health, example :

Level 1 - 100 bonus hp
Level 2 - 200
Level 3 - 300

Now what I want to do is add some "coding" to make my job easier. Instead of manually typing in every tooltip "Increases hp by 100/200..." I want it to be "Increases hp by <hpvalue>". Thing is I don't know how to make it pull the value from wherever it is (possibly an integer would be the easiest method) and also how to make that value rise with each level.

My whole idea stems from the Orc upgrade Brute Strength where in the tooltip description they use <Robs,base1> to get the number values.

Apologies in advance for the noob question and if I'm asking in the wrong forum. I have a fair bit of actual coding knowledge, but I have no idea how the wc3 editor works exactly.
Level 24
Feb 9, 2009
I'm sure they will move this to World Editor Help Zone
While we wait, lets try and solve this problem.

In the Object editor you can turn on "Display values as raw data" in the view tab, or simple press Ctrl + D.
Let's say I use Heal, it's Ability ID is Ahea (Case sensitive!):
If you wanted to make 5 levels of heal denoting a healing difference of 25 / 47 / 35 / 12 / 1337, obviously you would change the data value of Hea1 to that amount for each level.
Scrolling down to the tool tip extended, right click and hit "Auto fill levels" here you have a number of options, but for now just hit okay, you'll find that the descriptions filled each numerical value with a factor of 1 for each level:

This can be done to a number of fields within the object editor, experiment!
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