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No animation blending in-game?

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Level 65
Dec 23, 2013
In my map, some of my units are experiencing a strange animation hiccup/bug while others aren't.

Animations are snapping from one to the next without transitional blend frames.

As soon as an animation ends, the unit will instantly snap to the next animation.
This makes the portrait animations look really static/jittery
It makes the overworld model look like it's glitching out
And most annoyingly - > Art - Animation - Blend Time (seconds) is unchanged (0.15)


Affected Models
- Elf Lightbearer
- Orc Slasher

Normal Models
- Uruk Bowman
- Goblin Slavemaster
- Goblin Slave
- Swan Knight
- Black Rider
- Grishnakh etc

I'd have made a gif for you to see but-- I don't know how to make gifs
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