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Night Warrior Tyrande

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
I first saw this idea from @wildone's video, sadly he didn't upload his night warrior, I though I could make a similar one, thanks very much for @Varendis ' face texture, please credit him too, hope you like her.

Night Warrior Tyrande (Model)

Night Warrior Tyrande Portrait (Model)

This is a really good model. My suggestion, you could make her eyes black/dark like in WoW; make switch up some animations for variety. You can use a different death animation, add other spell-type animation, etc. etc. -- but that's just my take in terms of the animations. Overall, this model is pretty awesome.

Three Infernal Thumbs Up from me:
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Great ~ ~ ~ it would be better to make a icon~~~
just use the original icon, or make an icon yourself.... an easy way to do that is.

put model on the ground in editor, take screenshot at the best angle of her head, edit that screenshot to only be its head, then have it scaled to 64x64 size, then use hive's icon borderiser. and download those icon's, its that simple for a quick fix of lag of icon's.

of couse, not the best quality, but makes the job done. my icon's ive uploaded is made that way, exepth not using boderiser, but icon's made automaticly using that when uploading the 64x64 picture as icon.

i also makes icon's to model's not having an icon if asked to.