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Night Crawler


I hope u'll enjoy him better than the other ones...
Plz give credits and comments !
Base idea is from Tail of the Wyrm

ghoul, night, crawler, creeper, monster

Night Crawler (Texture)

21:04, 2nd Sep 2008 Hawkwing: [Approved] A lot of the lines are too pronounced, but it's quite useful and decent quality.




21:04, 2nd Sep 2008
A lot of the lines are too pronounced, but it's quite useful and decent quality.
WHat the crap....

you're getting worse pins...

What happened pin did you forget to finish it?

I'm getting sick of these useless comments so I'll say a last time :
i do believe they are right, the major problem is that you are using thin lines at inaprropriate situations, most likely the only good time to use thin lines is if youre doing hair or fiber witha a coarse texture. also if youre using a small uv field
Level 4
Nov 23, 2004
Ok, lets see...
- Poor shading and physical body contours
- 5 year old style scribbles
- Thick black contours on the cloth. No color/texture to the cloth. Doesnt look like clothe at all.
- Thick black contours around the eyes.
- Legs and arms need shading in the joints

Ok, there ya go.
Level 8
May 15, 2004
the colour and change to the face is nice, the bodie lacks contrast a bit, could use darkr tones around the rib cage.
the freehand scribble gives it texture and its what makes pins skins pins. pins do you have adobephoto shop, if so go into it and go to sharpen, press unssharp mask move the top bar slightly along and the middle bar further along, this will enhance the lines and image making the textures and image stand out much more. then go to image, adjustments, gradient map. click on the greyscale until another barscreen loads up. click on the arrows at the bottom were the blacktowhite bar is and move the white one across a bit and move the black one across a bit, then close it and go to edit (edit is at the top) click fade gradient map, it will bring up another bar, go down and select softlight and that will enhance the image once again, if it apears too dark then u can lighten it with the same bar moving it across. if you do this for your skins your skins will increase in quality by 2%
Level 12
Oct 7, 2010
Since so many ppl asked, i'll have to point the exact path out.

path: units\Undead\Ghoul\Ghoul.blp

Pins, please put the path in the Path & Unit of the skin description. that would save other ppl's time rather than going through the posts in this thread to find the path.