New Patch confusion

Level 2
Mar 6, 2019
Sooo... My problem will be really confusing try to keep up ok? :D right. Lets start: So I have the original CD Disk for both games(RoC,TFT) I was playing on theese until this day. Today I found a warcraft II remake map here wich requires 1.30+ patch if you dont want it to crash. I was like okay why not lets check. I start the game see that I have 1.21. Pretty far. Went to battle net/ and clicked on Classic games downloaded both Warcraft III and Warcraft III Public test. I downloaded them installed and was ready to have fun. Yes now thats when things went downfall. The custom campaings option doesnt exist. I mean if I go to the custom campaing at the game selection menu its EMPTY like the orc ehm blizzard made campaing thing is missing to. And I cant even find the folder for it at the documents its empty and at the C: (or any so basically the disk I installed it to) warcraft III folder doesnt have it either. What to do ? I cant play any custom maps if I have the new version. But if I install the older back (from the CD Disk) I can only play the ones under 1.29 so what to do now?