Battle net glitch

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Jun 27, 2009
Hey all, as you might know from the title I am having some problems with my warcraft game.

Ok I have downloaded the latest patch from warcraft 1.24b and it plays fine.

But when I click on battle using my warcraft frozen throne 1.24b patch (with the cd in the drive) it comes up with the follow error message:


I am connected to the internet of course.

I have allowed the game throw firewall and even tried it with firewall off no success.

The cd key is legit for frozen throne but not rein of chaos as it is my dads mate's but it should work.

I have never played battle net in my life.

I installed the game with the correct cd key.

I have tried playing battle net on all 4 servers and have tried playing it on 2 different computers.

Hope you can help,

PS: When I open the 1.24b patch without my frozen throne disk in the drive I get this error:

invalid cd key
Not open for further replies.