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We know that there are voice contests here. This just came out from my mind a day I was browsing that page (a voice contest). How about we have a page for sounds in the hive which will have the categories music, sound, voice, special effect, and ambient.
What you think?
Hey, I've found a page but that one is a discussion. What I am pointing out here is a page where everyone can upload their originally created music/sound/voice etc.
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Oct 15, 2008
I'd love to see this page to be accepted though, considering it'll open more opportunities for users, hehe, in their own page.
Sound / Music Art

"Discussions relating to sound & music creation or sound editing take place in this forum."

That's where you upload the stuff. You make the gallery there.
Making another section would be redundant and would consume more space.

That one is only for discussion. You don't know if those stuff are made by those who submit them... Is hive workshop has only a limited space so we cant have a new section such as what I am talking...???
I can go onto youtube and record special effect sounds and upload them here, and it would be pretty hard to track down.
This could be the problem why Hive couldn't have this section...

Is there any ways we can tell that the uploaded sound effect, etc. is really the work of the uploader? or shall I say isn't there a copyright thingy in here?
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