Bug while seraching New Posts?

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Oct 20, 2012
Hey guys, It's been a while since this was happening but I didn't think it would persist this long..

Whenever I'm browsing through the New Posts, There's always that one page that would not be found.. Like the last one, When I clicked on page 3, Instead of showing more results, It showed this message..


(This is what was in the address bar when the message showed)

Refreshing doesn't seem to fix it. I always have to click "New Posts" again so that It would be fixed. It's kinda annoying to do that every time I encounter something like this...

Am I the only one experiencing this?


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Sometimes for me it says that there is another page after the last one.

For example I would be on page 4 and there is a page 5 in the thread apparently. Whenever I click on page 5 it just refreshes page 4. There is no page 5 anyway as page 4 wouldn't off reached the limit enough for there to be a page 5.

This only appears for some threads sometimes though. I don't know why there is a fake extra page. Just a bug I guess. ;_;