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Ner'Zhul's Return

First campaign from The Patton Crew. Focuses on Arthas, and his journey to free Ner'Zhul from the Frozen Throne. After the final battle with Archimonde at the World Tree, the Human, Orcish, and Night Elven forces had suffered tremendous losses. This allowed Ner'Zhul the perfect opportunity to put his plan into action. Using his newest hero, Arthas, he sets his plans in motion, and waits patiently for his freedom.

Ner'Zhul's Return (Campaign)

Craka_J: In the mood to approve all campaigns unless if someone has commented that they suck badly.




Craka_J: In the mood to approve all campaigns unless if someone has commented that they suck badly.
Level 3
Jun 10, 2009
When I dl this I get it as white page named Ner%27Zhul%27s%20Return, not a campaign.
Level 5
Nov 4, 2011
Yeah. Old Fine Wine campaign right here. :grin:
Blizzard like feeling when playing the missions and it is real a challenge on Hard Difficulty.
I have not found any bugs. Nice alternative storyline, Kil'Jaeden the final boss.
Well made; the AI scripts are excellent they work very well. Finally Pit Lords as enemy heroes to fight against it does not happen very often.
So far one or two stuff what can be changed however the design overall is great. :infl_thumbs_up:


If someone would like to play the campaign do this:
1. Put the campaign data into the campaign folder.
2. Rename the file as: write ".w3n" over the file name example: Nerzhul's Return.w3n).

After it was done the campaign will appear in the Campaign List.
If you do not do this process, it will not appear to select and will not be able to play the campaign.

Edit in 2019. November: I just could not stand and do nothing after reading my old comment. Fixed the grammar. :smile:
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Level 3
Jun 30, 2013
Ron Jeremy HAHA

Hahaha Ron Jeremy stuff at chapter 5 is hilarious, ExtenZE potion LOL
If anyone tested campaign and gave you some advice this would be even better, because this was your first campaign 5/5


Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
Thanks(?) to tulee for telling me about this, I guess.

  1. -satyrs sleep at night in the middle of the road
  2. -dark trolls live in human tents
  3. -nothing going on in the first chapter, really
  4. -everybody knows Arthas. He's famous
  5. -in the ending scene, the fade filter appears numerous time before the scene begins and ends
  6. -Illidan and Arthas old buddies

  1. -crypt fiends attacked by their own kind? There's a difference between undead nerubians and live nerubians. Also, what are they doing here?
  2. -crypt fiends kept in cages by nerubians
  3. -but Arthas has a key. Maybe, it's for another door in Illidan's zone?
  4. -the player should have been the one to choose Illidan's spell levels
  5. -because the creeps are not under neutral hostile control but under a computer player, they don't know how to use spells.
  6. -prisoners that turned ghouls over the years after they died? But if that were true, then the owlbear was locked there recently or it has means of not starving or dying of thirst while living years long?
  7. -aw, poor death knight gets uneasy underground in the hypoxic heat

  1. -Illidan's like, man, I'm going anywhere with the undead gang, Arthas be very cool dude
  2. -why not Maiev instead? Who's the Slavic named Priestess of the Moon anyway?
  3. -Illidan the surprised, the one shot killed, the guard down keeper
  4. -an inventory space wasted with an undroppable artifact which doesn't give anything
  5. -Arthas is not just famous, he has fans as well
  6. -Ghouls have lost their ability to devour corpses. Probably undead dementia
  7. -witch hunting humans on Kalimdor
  8. -same spells, same techtrees
  9. -no words from the paladin or Arthas for the first
  10. -seems to be a conspiracy against undead
  11. -ghouls are too weak against grunts. Basically, the undead has no proper melee unit in this chapter. Makes you have to necessarily play with necromancers and Meat Wagons
  12. -no way to stop Illiana's Starfall
  13. -the corrupted have no role but to be there. They shouldn't have a base because they don't use it. The reward given is a Scroll of Town Portal... not even gold or experience if Arthas is already at level 5 which happens fast because the enemy attacks periodically
  14. -the night elves were planning to put the ships in a museum after dealing with the undead
  15. -I remember it was Prince Arthas, not Lord Arthas

  1. -what a loser dreadlord to think Arthas was going to get beaten by a group of undead. I'd like to think Mephistroth was just cowardly
  2. -the idea was for Illidan to destroy the Frozen Throne, not the demons themselves as they were defeated, even the dreadlords
  3. -no demon techtree; Ner'zhul's sway over the undead is greatest

  1. -Kel sent an acolyte, not a shade!?
  2. -why not let the player choose 'Thuzad's spell levels?
  3. -why not use the actual generator model for the generators?
  4. -Dianetics? Really?
  5. -undead vs undead over and over
  6. -this chapter is much more boring than chapter 3; enemy attacks are a joke and that if they do come to attack
  7. -generator protection is a parody
  8. -no idea how these dreadlords know all of Arthas' stratagems. Mephistroth is even here; maybe this is where the character left in the previous chapter?
  9. -there's a circle of power with an unknown purpose
  10. -the doom guards can be killed one by one
  11. -killing the dreadlord completes the quest even though infernals might be still there
  12. -trick up Kel'Thuzad's sleeve to open the portal? What about defeating Kil'jaeden, which of course is a fantasy?

  1. -what haste? It's the first time the characters ever stepped on Twisting Nether territory
  2. -didn't know the Twisting Nether looked like the Barrow Deeps
  3. -Magtheridon, unlike doom guards or dreadlords, can be hit by Death Coil
  4. -Magtheridon comes back at level 1 after being killed
  5. -at last, somewhat of a demon techtree
  6. -more like a defiled fountain of health by the looks of it
  7. -linearity and this place is depressingly devoid of life or entities like some previous maps
  8. -the Easter egg scene with the two villagers triggers indefinitely; darn have to destroy the rocks now as I triggered it with flying units
  9. -so, what, Kil'Jaeden is a collector?
  10. -mass Frost Wyrms, 'jaeden can't even raise a fist
  11. -hahahaha...
  12. -boy, the place where the usual lich looking Ner'zhul is cased sure looks like the Twisting Nether
  13. -so, the sacrifice was Arthas' horse dying in the end
  14. -no idea why this was called Ner'zhul's return, it has nothing to do with the character directly and certainly nothing about a return
  15. -texture artist!? There's no custom skin or texture in this campaign. It's all BlizzEnt's

A filler story campaign having monotony as the core gameplay. At least you can skip cinematic scenes.
Level 29
Mar 28, 2015
For a campaign that old, I must say that I enjoyed it. A pity that the campaign was that short and we played only with three heroes, but still...

Ironic that the Patton Crew used the 'we have to kill the Demon Lord Kil'jaeden in the Twisting Nether' plot practically a decade before Blizzard did.
Level 9
Dec 29, 2017
Mission 1:
A bit confused didn't Arthas already Free the Nerzhul from the frozen throne? the first mission was bit odd. It was just go there. Don't even understand why the terrain was so big, Would've been better if it was more compact. Don't understand why the cinematic activates and i move close and then activates a second time? Might be the game version though 1.29. Arthas and Illidan joined forces real quick... like way too fast. However i Arthas and Illidan working together is like some hardcore fanservice so i'll let it go.

Mission 2:
Pretty much the same thing as the first one but better. With the whole keys and what not. also illidan and arthas fighting together is some legit fanservice. Its ok i just kinda got bored half way through.

MIssion 3:
Illidan died? just like that? Wat??? Come on. Didn't really like the beginning cuz you know they kept attacking all 3 of them. I needed to heavily cheat in the beginning. But beyond that its a pretty decent mission. My only issue was that again the terrain is odd. Not ugly just odd. and that hte creeps don't drop anything useful. like consumables but like no actual cool items which is underwhelming.

MIssion 4:
Wasn't Kelthazad in Lodereran why is he in Northerend? Also Kelthuzad speech is bit off he was always nicer to Arthas. Kinda wished we destroyed the base with Kelthuzad afterward.

Mission 5:
Difficult but in a fun way. Really the only issue was that again the terrain is too unnecessarily large. Also whats up with the paladin?

Mission 6:
Once again. The terrain is a mess. A bit underwhelming considering its the last mission.

Ok now i understand why arthas didn't destroy those 2 humans.

I always preferred gameplay over story so the holes in the story feels like a minor complaint. I do think this campaign is good and worth playing the first 2 missions aside. I wish it had better terrain everything else was good enough. 3/5
Level 29
Mar 28, 2015
Mission 1:
A bit confused didn't Arthas already Free the Nerzhul from the frozen throne?

You could say that in this alternate timeline, Kil'jaeden was smart enough to place a spell on the Frozen Throne so that Ner'zhul couldn't be released without the Legion's approval.

Don't even understand why the terrain was so big, Would've been better if it was more compact.

I for one prefer maps around this size. There is more to explore.

MIssion 3:
Illidan died? just like that? Wat??? Come on.

Yeah, that bugged me too. Illidan, a War of the Ancients veteran that absorbed the Skull of Gul'dan got killed by a single arrow.

MIssion 4:
Wasn't Kelthazad in Lodereran why is he in Northerend?

He probably traveled to Northrend in order to wait for Arthas.
Level 9
Dec 29, 2017
I for one prefer maps around this size. There is more to explore.

But doesn't it feel empty to you? Like if there were more creeps sure i could understand the size but its just vast emptiness. But whatever its a small complaint. The map overall is still worth playing
Level 5
Nov 29, 2017
Decent campaign, almost no bugs but I can't understand the purpose of the 2 circle of powers, they do nothing.
Besides there is a hidden door inside a cave on mission 6 that also serves no purpose, but overall is a decent campaign the maping is good, and Ner'zul killing the horse to gain ultimate power was kinda funny lol.
The only bug was magtheridon being reborn as a level 1 hero.
Level 2
Mar 30, 2022
I really enjoyed playing this campaign.
+Good story
+Nice terrain
+Great grammar
+Playable difficulty

-Third map was kinda too hard
-In last map there was a strange bug, when Magtheridon died and got ressurected he had lvl 1.
It was kinda weird like Illidan died like some weak peasant :D