Nerubian Guardian

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Basic melee unit for Nerubians, comes in two armour variants - shiny one from times before fall of the Azjol-Nerub, and darker one for Azjol'Anak (remnants of Azjol'Nerub) warrior. Both armour variants have undead versions also.

Azjol'Anak Guardian (Model)

Nerubian Guardian (Model)

Undead Azjol'Anak Guardian (Model)

Undead Nerubian Guardian (Model)

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Moderation Comment:

MatiS, your models aren't far from being decent and useful assets. There's just a few issues it would be great if you could fix/improve.
  • Animations, as mentioned here, need to be improved. You need to think motion from high hierarchy bones to low hierarchy. That means, firstly animate the bone_root, then animate the torso, then the shoulders, then arms, lastly hands. You're moving only root and arms here. It lacks a general motion flow. I've put up a quick GIF to explain to you. It isn't 100% accurate, but what I'm showing you is that every bone should follow the flow of the movement you're making, not only the first and the last one. And try to give a "after-movement" to make it less stiff. Like, when you raise your head, first raises your torso, a couple of frames later, your neck, and then your head. That gives more flow to your animation.
    There are some weird rotations too, as after attack. You could remove tweaks in general at those anims.

  • I don't see much of a reason to have 4 variations, given they look very alike in-game. Maybe if you make them differ more, or reduce the variation number. Basically, the undead and the nerubian one have too little difference, only a slight skin tone variation, and it's not like it's worth it.

  • You have a couple of seams at the texture. Try to make your mesh edges have texture contours at them, so you make those rough edges disappear.
I'd also say it feels a bit too skinny, but changing that anatomy is up to you. If you have any doubt, don't hesitate asking. Awaiting update. (And sorry for the delay in moderating, I hope you have the editables with you)