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needing programmer's help with MDLVIS

Discussion in 'Warcraft Editing Tools' started by Uncle Fester, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Uncle Fester

    Uncle Fester

    Jun 6, 2010
    As the title says, i need a programmer's help to remove a filthy, useless and stupid function from MDLVIS. This function often (but not always!) occurs when i try to assign vertices to bones. The function just changes the object type of something i selected. Just an example case: i open a model which has a bone named ''Object 13''. [​IMG] When i select it in the panel (marked blue in the picture), it occasionally changes it's object type from ''Bone'' to ''Helper''. I don't type anything in that panel, I just leftclick onto the arrow on the menu's right side, scroll down and then I leftclick again on the desired object. Does anybody know how i can change this or completly terminate (preferred!) this filthy function? It's only useless, bothersome and annoying for me, I won't miss it in the least if it's removed! In fact, I'd be happy if I never have it again in my MDLVIS. Please, I realy need help as soon as possible with this issue. It makes my modelling timeconsuming and annoying.