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need Tremulous models

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may somebody know the free ware game tremulous.
i need some (ok all) modesl from it.
this link shows you the all the models i need
if the model have a advanced form i just need this version.
i can help to make the texture and may i can make some attachments with milkshape but i'm not good at it :/

Animations for Models:
Advanced Granger - stand, walk, attack
Dretch - stand, walk, attack
Advanced Basilisk - stand, walk, attack
Advanced Marauder - stand, walk, attack
Advanced Dragoon - stand, walk, attack, spell (jump)
Tyrant - stand, walk, attack, spell (charge)
Overmind - stand, attack, birth
Egg - stand, birth
Acid Tube - stand, attack, birth
Barricade - stand, birth
Trapper - stand, birth
Booster - stand, birth
Hovel - stand, birth
Hive - stand, birth
the marine - stand, walk, spell (jump), spell slam (reload)
Reactor - stand, birth
Telenode - stad, birth
Machine Gun Turret - stand, attack, birth
Tesla Generator - stand, birth
Armoury - stand, birth
Defense Computer - stand, birth
Medistation - stand, birth, stand work
Repeater - stand, birth

Construction Kit (same as the advanced)
Pain Saw
Pain Saw effect
Las Gun
Mass Driver
Pulse Rifle
Grenade (missile)
Lucifer Cannon (i just love this weappon :D)
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