Need suggestions for my PvE Map

Level 2
Jul 1, 2009
Hello Hive's Community,
I'm making a PvE mod called The Prision that will be a introduction for my next RPG map. In The Prision, 3 players fight against bosses. The idea is create a map where players require to work as a team to defeat bosses and find a nice strategy for them.

Each player has a role. There only 3 roles: Tank, DPS and Healer. I made 3 bosses using basic trigger and custum spells. I also used models/icones from here (thanks =D).

I need now suggestions and some ideas for next bosses. I already made 3 bosses only, and the first 2 have a video preview:
1st boss -
2nd boss -
Watch the videos and give me some comments and suggestions for them.
Level 15
Mar 8, 2009
1) First boss is a bit boring, but that's probably OK, to introduce players to the game on a more straightforward and simple fight.
2) Classes are a bit stale and too basic. Also, there are too few of them. Basically, there are 6 roles in RPGs:
1. tank
2. melee DPS
3. ranged DPS
4. controller or AoE DPS
5. healer
6. leader or buffer
6a. debuffer
3) Abilities are boring.
4) Second boss is good.
5) Cataclysm Login Screen music just doens't fit there. Try something different.
8) If I knew more about your map, I could comment more.
10) I missed 6) and 7)...
11) ...and 9) too...