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Need some Help with Elune mechanic.

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Level 3
Jul 18, 2013
Hello Hive!

Im a amateur with the editor who is trying to add a mechanic to a map that I love in WC3.

I want to make an ELune mechanic that works in the sense that Elune is an inaccesible unit sitting in a corner of the map and regenrating Mana slowly. The only way Elune can interact with the world is via 3-4 buff spells like Big bad voodo, the ability to heal units, reveal and possibly the ability to spawn a few primal Moonkins to aid the Night Elves.

Now for the catch. Since Elune's High Priest is Tyrande,I want all abilties to go through her. The big bad voodo ELune casts? Should make all units in a region around Tyrande (And her) invulnerable for 10 sec. The heal? Should be like a scoll of healing near Tyrande.

The reveal and spawn Moonkins is alot more simple for a noob like me to make but the rest is abit tricky trigger wise.

Can one of the brave souls of Hive help me to trigger/do it?
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