need ideas and/or imports for a roof of a temple

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Aug 31, 2015
this is sort of a destroyed incomplete temple I've been messing around with and I need ideas and/or imports to create a roof. It's no where near complete and some of the doodads like the destroyed second floor on the east are just placeholders to give an idea of what I'm trying to achieve. also not too fond of the lighting of the second floor in the middle. pathing blockers and invisible platforms has been taken into account and so it would be playable and able to reach the second floor with the staircase in the northeast. I'm using imports from the refuge in ruins map and even though it offers a wide variety of good looking imports, I'm not exactly sure how to go about making a roof and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions :ogre_kawaii:


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Nov 12, 2007
Looking really good so far, well done! For the roof I would go for either a shingles roof or a plain stone roof. That depends on the final look you'll personally want for your castle/temple:

1. The bulky square look


2. Or the more refined germanic look


We have plenty of shingled roofs in the model section and in the ultimate terraining map that is available here in the terraining board. Or you can get some stone floor model and use it as roof if you want a plain stone one.


For entering the roofed area part, I personally like to create a destructible (that isn't walkable) and set its pathing to None, create a region under the roofed area and then a trigger like this:

  • Indoor01 Entering
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit enters IndoorRegion <gen>
    • Conditions
      • (Owner of (Entering unit)) Equal to Player 1 (Red)
    • Actions
      • Destructible - Hide StoneRoof

*Create another trigger for leaving the building (e.g. Indoor01 Leaving);
*Turn off this trigger (Indoor01 Entering) when activated and turn it on again when Indoor01 Leaving is activated
*How many units will be leaving/entering the building? This example works best for a 1-unit campaign. I bet you can work something out for multiple units;
*Maybe there is a more effective way to do it, like setting the transparency to 100%.

Thats it! Keep the nice terraining :D
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