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[vJASS] Need help with this vector system

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How can I add moving a unit and setting its animation to the right angle aka dummy model? Also unsure if there are any better options, trying to find a 3d movement system that can handle units and a spinning method for projectiles. Wanted to use tank-commander's system but it seems to be fixed heights. edit: would still like to know the animation trick for the dummy model projectile however figured out movement for normal units.
library ThreeDimSpin
constant real HALF_PI = bj_PI/2
constant real PI = bj_PI

struct Vector
real x
real y
real z
public static method create takes real facing, real tilt returns Vector
local Vector newVec = .allocate()
local real sinTilt = Sin(tilt)
set newVec.x = Cos(facing) * sinTilt
set newVec.y = Sin(facing) * sinTilt
set newVec.z = Cos(tilt)
return newVec
public static method createXYZ takes real x, real y, real z returns Vector
local Vector newVec = .allocate()
set newVec.x = x
set newVec.y = y
set newVec.z = z
return newVec

function ComputePosition takes real facing, real tilt, real spin, real radius, real height returns Vector
local real sinFacing = Sin(facing)
local real cosFacing = Cos(facing)
local real sinTilt = Sin(tilt)
local real cosTilt = Cos(tilt)
local real bComponent // used later
local real cComponent // used later
// let A be the vector of our axis of rotation
local Vector a = Vector.create(facing, tilt)
local Vector b
local Vector c
// let B be the perpendicular to our axis, with:
// - a tilt of "HALF_PI - tilt" which you can think of a 90 deg minus tilt
// - and a facing of "facing + PI" which is just 180 degrees in the other direction
local real facingB = facing + PI
local real tiltB = HALF_PI - tilt
// maybe this will result in a negative tiltB
if tiltB < 0 then
set tiltB = tiltB + PI
set facingB = facing
// now we have the direction data for a perpendicular vector (no distance yet)
set b = Vector.create(facingB, tiltB)
// then we take their cross product
set c = Vector.createXYZ(a.y * b.z - b.y * a.z, b.x * a.z - a.x * b.z, a.x * b.y - b.x * a.y)
// then we will add b * Sin(spin) * radius + c * Cos(spin) * radius
// make sure to compute everything only once, so I create a local for bComponent and cComponent
set bComponent = Sin(spin) * radius
set cComponent = Cos(spin) * radius
set a.x = b.x * bComponent + c.x * cComponent
set a.y = b.y * bComponent + c.y * cComponent
set a.z = b.z * bComponent + c.z * cComponent + height
call b.destroy()
call c.destroy()
return a
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