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Need help making a anti-spam trigger

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Level 9
Apr 23, 2010
Hello fellow hive members! I am looking for help or for someone to point me in the right direction to make an anti-spam trigger to add to an Alliance System I've been making which you can check out the most recent triggers for it here.

Since the alliance system has dialog windows pop up when you ally someone, I need to make this anti-spam trigger to prevent trolls from using it non stop. At first I was going to use a timer after the alliance trigger has started to make the allying player wait 3 minutes before he/she can ally again, but the way I was going about it would make the trigger turn off the allying trigger for everyone instead of just for that player.

Anyways, if anyone can help me out with this it would be much appreciated! Thank you Beef Is Back for pointing out that someone can use this to troll! I have already looked on google and hiveworkshop for anti-spam systems or triggers and came up with nothing.
well try this. create a trigger that utilizes global arrayed variable and name it alliance_attempt. Give it 12 arrays.
Every time that player requests alliance and it is declined set Alliance_attempt(Playernumber of requesting player) to Alliance_attempt(Playernumber of requesting player) + 1. Then create if then else. if alliance_attempt (Playernumber of requesting player) greater than 3 then remove event: player(Playernumber of requesting player) enters a chat message...
Then create timer(Playernumber of requesting player) that last 3 minutes and after it expires add event again in the main trigger.
NOTE: Requesting player is triggering player.
I am terribly sorry, but I dont have access to my computer, so this is a little confusing, so if anything is confusing pm me, I won't mind.
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