Need easy skill

Level 7
May 6, 2008
I need skill that make poison to enemy and it can be autocast and turn off

use this icon on ability

Learn |cffffcc00P|roison Hand - [|cffffcc00Level %d|r].

Mephisto attack with poison. Slows movement and attack speeds and lasts 2 seconds.|n|n|cffffcc00Level 1|r - Slows speed by 10%, deals 7 damage per second. |n|cffffcc00Level 2|r - Slows speed by 20%, deals 14 damage per second. |n|cffffcc00Level 3|r - Slows speed by 30%, deals 18 damage per second. |n|cffffcc00Level 4|r - Slows speed by 40%, deals 23 damage per second.

just copy these on the information of skill and youre good to go whitout writing anything by urself on it^^ + on this writing you find all that you need to create the skill