Need better sonic models

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Apr 19, 2013
Hey guyz! :pnewt:

I was looking for a good sonic model for quite a long time.
I couldn't find so many but the ones i found didn't impress me at all.
I want a Good and Better sonic model that has proper animations like how he looks like in the sonic games (Modern Sonic pls)
And also I noticed that some sonic models just use team color to make him normal or super sonic. That is one of my most disliked features.
Instead of that it would be much better if u can use a morph and alternate animations for super sonic with different and cooler animations and the normal sonic should be cool too or just like the games. And it should cover the animations of his moves in game.
For sonic models i would prefer to base it on the models in the game Sonic Heroes. The Models there are excellent.

If there would be someone who could make a sonic model then i would be extremely thankful and I would give him credits (with EXTRA credits) on my next map.

Thanks so much :pgrin:
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