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Need an Exp Table

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Level 8
Feb 20, 2020
Hello guys, how do i make an exp gain table like this in warcraft for when a neutral hostile hero is killed using warcraft constants or maybe some triggers?

5 level lower - 0%
4 level lower - 30%
3 level lower - 50%
2 level lower - 80%
1 level lower - 100%
the same level - 100%
1 level above - 100%
2 level above - 80%
3 level above - 50%
4 level above - 30%
5 level above - 0%
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Level 14
Feb 7, 2020
The constants require some tinkering and napkin math to figure out exactly what you want (and if it's possible)

I would check this out: Gameplay Constants - Hero Experience

You would be concerned with how this works:

Experience gained = "Previous value" * "Previous value factor" + "Level" * "Level factor" + "Constant factor"

I was able to find out what I wanted in my own hero leveling experience by simply going through the math as I played around with values. It seems harder than it really is.

If that doesn't solve your issue, resort to triggers to award experience and bypass the hardcoded EXP equations.
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