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[Role Playing Game] Naga Caverns (Alpha A.627)

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by matchet, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. matchet


    Aug 17, 2013
    After ~3 years rounding my mind, I finally decided to start a real developement of which expect to be my first, best and last major project for WarCraft III

    Naga Caverns
    (this header image is actually a placeholder. Don't judge it)

    A brief description could be: It is mainly a dungeon. But dont expect a simple dungeon. Expect interaction, choices and a reactive dungeon.
    Some Features revealed for now:
    - 12 heroes, 4 of each attribute. More heroes can be unlock for future replays while making progress ingame
    - Custom Abilities which scales with Attributes.
    - Custom Attack and Armor types.
    - 20 Hero Levels with 4 abilities: 3 regular (x5 levels each), 1 Ultimate (x3 levels) & 1 passive (activated at the begin, and upgradeable x2 times)
    - Floating texts and Multiboards which helps players to easy know spells' numbers

    - Secondary Missions and Main Quests have impacts in the base camp
    - Dungeon divided in 4 sections, plus a "minigame" zone
    - Every section have one or more Main or Secondary Bosses
    - Base camp accesible from every section of the dungeon (with some conditions)
    - Up to 3 Players (reccomended one Hero for each Attribute)
    - Puzzles. Interactive Items and Dooads. NPC transmissions while exploring or facing Bosses
    - Duels against Bosses with average or high duration. They reacts different depending on player behaviour, remaining life, or interactions with scenary
    - Codex (Reading History) upgraded when you make progress
    - English Version (Thats not my main language)

    Sellers and Items
    - 3 possible variations for each one of the basic items (AGI/STR/INT). Players can purchase up to 2 of these items, making decissions depending of their style of play
    - Items dropped by Bosses have different evolution paths in which each one will copy or imitate any of the Boss' charasteristic abilities
    - Number of items avaiable for purchasing grows with game progress and/or with secondary missions
    - Special consumible seller with limited uses who can give players permanent rare buffs which weird effects (f.ex: a low percentaje of turn attackers into sheeps)

    Progress system and level-up

    - System with specialzation points which allows you to define in what stats you want to focus
    - Custom resources (Gold, Notoriety points and spec points). Except for gold, other resources exists in a limited amount and allows the purchasing of some special/powerfull features for your Hero.

    Features I'm thinking to add (not sure):
    - More Heroes (depends mostly if there is enough remaining space). Some of them from other collaborators
    - Short cinematics (I still need to know how to do it)
    - Attributes gives other bonifications than vanilla ones only (depends if triggers are
    lightweight enough)
    - PvP mode (No! Sincerely... No. Perhaps if there is enough remaining space and someone want to add it, but we shall see)
    - Achievements system which unlocks new content to actual and future games (I do not know how to do that, and I am not sure I really need it)

    What do I Want?
    - While I work in the developement of different features for the map, I could find some problems (specially with triggers) which could require some help, time or tutorials to be solved. When this occurs, if needed, I'll add a Thread in the respective forum.
    - I could also find an empty space for some kind of art to be filled. If I did not find a proper one, I'll make a request in the proper forum

    ¿What I offer?
    - Every kind of usefull help will be rewarded with forum's reputation, as part of my thanks.
    - Also, If I use any of your triggers' system or art, you will be named in every main credit sections
    - Solving enough minor features, Helping with functional triggers when needed, Proposing usefull or interesting ideas that could help me with the development of the map, and (on future Beta stage) founding bugs/helping me to fix them could result in some of these rewards:

    - Name something in the game (could include Items, spells, Regular special and Boss units, names in lore stories, some NPCs in the Base Camp, and etc).
    - Make a regular item
    - Make a playable character (depends of remaining space and requires a high participation)
    - Make an optional zone with possible bosses (depends of remaining space and requires a high participation)
    - Being able to participate in closed beta (requires a high participation)
    *Note: for keeping game standards and coherence, I can suggest changes for your suggestions

    For what have you need to be warned??
    This, is a VERY long in time project. It is spected to have some variable time stops in its development, which is in relation with my personal life. My last project cost me around 80 hours of WorldEditor and 2 years to be completed after several stops and resumes.
    Estimated time for this very ambitious project is still too hard to be set, because of its early stage of development and of possible development stops for unknown times.
    The support from the community should influencing the develop time as map authors knows well (its more hard to work in a map in which people did not paid much attention)

    Not much more to say for now. Just, as soon as I am completing important features, I will reveal it for you all (for example, a New Hero is coded)
    -- Matchet
    PS: changelog will be avaiable at the begin of the Beta Stage, when all basic features were implemented on the map
    PS: I am sorry if something is not spelled properly. Just let me know and I will fix it. English is not my main Language
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2013