My imported models are all green cubes.Please help!!

Hey.I am having some problems with importing models.The idea is that when i first import the models,and i save the map and reopen,the models are normal(appear as normal,not green cubes).But the weird thing is ,that if i save the map again,and reopen it,all models will be green cubes,though in the last reopen the models worked perfectly.How can i fix this??
If the link works,tell me if the models from this map appear normal to you.
Level 20
Jul 14, 2011
You have to Import the Model -> Save the map -> Use the model in an Object/Unit. Otherwise, you have to restart the editor.

Also, be sure to import the model in the right path, same than textures, if the model has some.
Level 6
Aug 31, 2011
Okay, i looked at the map. I think the models are just screwed up... because ALL the models and icons you imported is 0 kb. I would suggest trying to redownload it just incase the download didnt download correctly or if that doesnt work, its just the model.