Music Contest #9 - Theme Poll

Music Contest #9 Theme Options:

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Level 28
Nov 12, 2007
ARRIGHT time to vote. You can vote on up to 3 options because ______ .

Rap Beat: A themed rap beat (industrial, gangster, horrorcore etc...). Composers can rap on them if they want to.

Warcraft Soundtrack: Tracks should be themed towards the Warcraft universe and meant to be used as a soundtrack.

Steampunk: Participants should create a song that fits the steampunk retro-futuristic aesthetic.

Stealth Music: Tense, silent and afraid of being caught - Create a track suitable for a stealth situation.

Warcraft Samples: Make a track using Warcraft III sounds and music as samples. The global style is free.

Encounter: Song must themed around an encounter situation. It can be the encounter of arch enemies, of distinct philosophies, of separated lovers, of two worlds, etc.

The track must depict a journey, with soundscapes evolving into different locations and situations. It may be inspired by any fantasy lore (original, futuristic, Warcraft, etc), actual history/geography, mythology, etc.

Battle Theme: Each participant has to create a song suitable for a battle situation. Example formats: a background song for a movie/game, a military march which is sung by the combatants themselves during war, etc.