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Music Contest #13 - Theme Poll

What's your pick?

  • Extended Play

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  • Themed Extended Play

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  • True 8-Bit

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  • EDM Trap

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  • EDM Future

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  • Stealth

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  • Warcraft Universe Remix

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Feb 28, 2016
Music Contest #13 - Theme Discussion

So the last Music Contest ran well, and I decided to take an initiative of hosting another Music Contest. Here on this thread is the theme poll for the contest, you can pick two themes.


Extended Play
Yes, create an Extended Play! The way you create the extended play is free-styled and you can choose any genre you want in each track! The track is around 2-4 tracks or below 30 minutes. Since it's longer, the contest duration would be 2 months or more this way. You are allowed to use ONE unfinished project, the rest must be new.

Themed Extended Play
It's basically the same as making an Extended Play, but this one will be themed, which means that all tracks inside the EP must revolve on one single theme. Below this theme is another set of themes. The theme that gets the most vote, that will be the theme for the "Themed Extended Play". You are allowed to use ONE unfinished project, the rest must be new.

True 8-Bit
It could be said that this is similar to "retro"... But! The catch is that you're require to create a true 8-Bit styled track. Meaning that you will be required to only use traditional methods of creating 8-Bit styled track.

Electronic Dance Music, Trap
Here's a weird suggestion. But not everything we do has to stick to themes that you'd might expect from a music contest.

Electronic Dance Music, Future
Another sub-genre from the EDM scene for you to select if it's your preferred theme.

Refer to this link for more info. The idea is to create a music piece that conforms, at least in some ways, to the canonical song structure. I think there are a plenty of people who'd have to think outside the box to make their style conform to this, and that's why I think it'd make for creative entries.

Yin & Yang

The music piece must in some way create diametrically opposed (as-different-as-possible) soundscapes, either through dynamics, or through thematic difference, or some other creative ways one can think of. For example, one part of the song can be decidedly sad sounding, while the other one is decidedly happy sounding, or you can switch them up inside the verses all the time through modulations, or you can create a calm and beautiful atmosphere just to add some face melting synths or metal afterwards, completely throwing expected dynamics off. I think a plenty of people can create a composition like this, and it'd be fun to see how people go about the (very light) theme.

Either atmospheric, steady or action paced music depicting covert operations/infiltration/sabotage, recon missions be it in a medieval, fantasy, sci-fi or contemporary setting.

Warcraft Universe Remix
Make a remix/rearrangement of any song in the Warcraft Universe (whether it's the trilogy or the entire WoW franchise).


The poll will close on January 5, 2020.
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