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Music artist needed!

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I have come to the conclusion that I can't make my own music and never will be able to make my own music cause I'm not good at it. So now I'm asking anyone here to make me music, free or not. If I have to pay someone then I will pay that someone.

I am going to make a HL1 mod based of my own nostalgic memories and the Half-Life 2 beta. This is how I want it to sound like.

Seriously, I can't make something similar in GarageBand. I never practiced for music making.
Level 40
Feb 27, 2007
Nobody's gonna come after your map for copyright infringement or unlicensed use of audio if you just take music you like from other sources and re-use it. You could probably compress the recordings slightly better to save filesize.

Back in the day the ripping would have earned you the ire of entire websites, but I think we're past that now. THW certainly wouldn't host a project with ripped files, but I imagine they'll let you post about it.

This music is relatively simple though.
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