Multiverse Arena Battles v1.05 AI

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Map Info & Features

This is a "Dota"-style map with a few custom modifications of my own. I've introduced the concept of [highlight]Legendary items which only 1 hero can get (items have a really long cooldown-99999seconds)...they are very powerful and used to break stalemates but they're extremely expensive[/code]. The fountain can't be attacked...dunno why it should be attackable in Dota. Each hero has 5 ABILITIES and max level is 25.
1 ULTIMATE (3 Levels)
No hero stats as this is achieved by tomes.

For Videos and Screenshots go to my dedicated website at

  • Added AI,Player Color Coded Deny and KIll Spree system
  • Prevented abuse getting more than 1 hero in all game modes
  • An inactive Damage Indexer System by Bribe (Thinking of ditching it as it reveals invis units which are taking damage...a bit annoying)
  • Made Scroll of Town Portal so that Caster vulnerable (not finished as this requires dummy to avoid pausing turrets to replicate Dota)
  • Fixed Pudge's Rot Slow not procing when he activates and turning off when deactivates
  • fixed leaks though one spell leaks (don't know why...all locations

I've used quite a lot of other people's spells to make this map quickly in time for my Winter Holidays
  • Death-Blade for "Ice-Wall"
  • cyberkid for "Napalm Dump"
  • nIcesuit for "Whirlpool"
  • Paladon for AOE Knockback
  • Nightmare Moon for "Nature Walk"-->converted to Sludge Strike
  • Diablo-dk for Recipe System-->very easy and no GUI knowledge required
  • Bluebay for "Mind Control"
  • lh2705 at The for "Forcenova" and "Storm Bolt Barrage" and Knockback"
  • Tinki3 also at THN for "Overgrowth" converted to Flash Freeze, "Chain Frost" and "Death Pulse"
...and many more.
AI & Kill Streak & Deny System taken from Epicwar "Dota V. Untex 1.3 AI" by Untex (really horrible and plan to make a priority system)
Author's Notes
This map was taken from a DOTA TEMPLATE. Also I've changed the gameplay constants to match closely to that of DOTA..the best way to balance hero stats.
Please Note that some heroes are incomplete due to lack of availability of spells that are far too complex for myself to trigger. This map can be MUI tested by typing "-wtf" for no cd..
Blizzard's DOTA is getting a bit close to my map's idea. It says heroes from Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 are going to fight side-by-side. Look at this trailer.
and notice how close it is to my map's description.

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Multiverse Arena Battles v1.05 AI (Map)

09:55, 17th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected Green icons. Poor gameplay.




09:55, 17th Jun 2011
Status: Rejected
Green icons. Poor gameplay.