Masters of the Multiverse 2.3c

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- This map is NOT playable as of reforged release
- Changes to the way tileset forcing works means it *probably* never will be.

Date: 5/6/2016
Genre: Hack and Slash
Players: 1

The power of doom has once again been unleashed across the many worlds.
A force only the greatest heroes of space (and time) can hope to stop.
Travel across the myriad realms and conquer the corruption as it sprouts.
For fame, for glory, for the virtue that is 'to strike'.

Pick a larger than life hero, fight your way across a myriad of worlds as quickly as possible.

A hack-n-slash map best described as 'shooting hundreds of fish in a barrel.'
Choose a mission, blow up all the monsters, get loot, experience and fame, repeat.
Aim to achieve the most Fame with the least Time.

Though beware; Time turns all things to dust, and eventually Fame fades even for the most renown of heroes.

Author's Notes
An actually playable spin on "You can only strike".
Initially began as an experiment in terrain generation that sort of took on a life of it's own.
Also pretty light-hearted/stupid in theme; which was interesting to create to say the least.


- Significantly improved terrain shapes
- Improved monster spawning to be more effecient
- Improved event spawning (it should look neater and be more evenly spaced)
- New Sage: Iron Sage, who can help you recycle your items.

- Complete monster ability overhaul
- Monster wards/bombs/towers now come in 4 elements (void,frost,magic and acid)
- Traps encounters reworked they now spawn a selection of bombs, wards and other deadly things.
- New Encounter: The Vault

- 1 New Boss for each biome
- Changed the visuals of bombs to better stand out
- Boss attack and health raised significantly
- New Boss skills
- Rebalanced dimensional portals to be more rewarding and dangerous
- Minor changes to what monsters can spawn in what biomes
- Significantly reduced the quantity of rare and epic mobs

- You now lose a significant portion of your fame on death
- Buffed mana regen upgrade
- Buffed execute bonuses
- Minor reworks to Bow Prodigy's passives
- Storm Juggler: 4th passive has its stats moved around to be more sensible

- Heavily buffed all 'Weapon and Armour' class items, they gain gain more powerful/interesting properties sooner, also there are no longer specific ranged/melee weapons.
- Increased the number of Weapon class items by almost 2x
- Increased the number of Armour class items by almost 6x
- New Item Class: Trinket (many of the old aura items have been moved to this class)
- Improved itemtooltip clarity; all nonstacking effects are now denoted by having a unqiue ability name.
- Dying no longer ends the game, instead you respawn at the home dimension.
- Mission Limit reduced to 11 from 12, the Final Encounter now has its own unique portal
- 'Bonus Items' reward has been replaced with 'More Fame' reward
- 'Better Items' reward now gives at least 1 item of bonus tier
- Items no longer sell for anything
- Terrain features now include rocks
- Terrain features now have more even spacing
- Underground tileset removed
- 5 new tilesets (Volcano, Jungle, Ruins, Savannah, Glacier)

- Encounters spawn more evenly spaced
- Ambushes now spawn signifcantly more monsters
- Spawner Buildings - Renamed to Fortifications; they now spawn much larger monster packs but do so less frequently. Defense Towers that come with them are now sigifcantly stronger and have 2 new variants.
- Dimensional Ambushes - Stray portals removed, only shrines remain, they now trigger when approached.
- Fame Boxes - Replaced with Treasure encounters, Treasure encounters have variants that reward different item types
- Mystery Levers, Hidden Treasures now trigger when touched instead of being destructible
- New Encounter type: Traps - sometimes when you touch an interactable object it may set off a trap.
- Epic monsters are no longer of specific creature types, now any mob has a chance to spawn at epic quality
- Bosses no longer tied to specific tileset, instead similar biomes share bosses (eg. Lich is able to spawn in any cold tileset)
- Remade all boss skills, boss skillsets are now more varied
- Voidzones now drain mana, they also have a new visual

- Rescaled fame - The raw values are smaller but the relative buying power remains the same
- Rescaled mana - In general you have a larger pool to work with but less recovery from both innate regen and by execute
- Agi now gives critical damage, it also no longer scales crit chance
- Int no longer scales crit damage
- Spellpower upgrade improved to 20% per level
- Haste upgrade reduced to 0.1 base attack time per level
- The tooltip of various upgrades have been rewritten to more accurately reflect what they do.
- New upgrade property: Execution chance can now be raised
- New upgrade property: Mana regeneration

New Hero: Realmshaper
New Hero: Dragon Tamer
- Bow Prodigy - Reworked Shoot from all Sides and Homing Dogs, minor numeric buffs to passive skills
- Knight Gambler - Minor numerical rebalances, his base power is raised while his high-roll potential is even greater
- Storm Juggler - Reworked entire skillset, in general his skills hit harder but slower. He also has more reasons to scale attack damage.
- Legion Killer - Reworked entire skillset, he is now much less dependant on specific skill combinations/leveling paths to clear well. He has also has more support for spellpower centric builds.
- Glaive Farmer - Dispensers duration reduced signifcantly
MoMv 2.1

- Increased the fame gain from chests
- Added a few new items

- Rare monsters have significantly more life
- Increased the variability in standard monster life
- Retooled some boss skills
- Bosses now enrage as their life drops; increasing their ability use

- Reduced the cost of most active skills
- Increased the power but reduced the duration of Fioline's Hounds
- Increased the damage of Caedrus's Arrow Clouds
- Fixed a few bugs related to summoned units
MoMv 2.0

- Reworked the entire terrain generation.
> Layout variety has been increased
> Boss room is now much larger with more features
- Reworked levels
> You are now offered a choice of missions with varying tilesets/rewards
> There are now spawners/brief hero siege type events among other things that you can encounter
> There are now also secret objectives which only reveal themselves when near
- Reworked loot system
> More tiers of items, tone of new items
> Items now reward when you return to base
> New item types including tomes added to random drop pool

- Reworked the entire monster rarity system (it now uses standard Blizzard item notation; common/rare/epic etc.)
> It should be easier to distinguish monster level/power
> Retooled life/damage scaling of all mobs
> Boss life now scales much higher, they also have significant regen (enjoy your new target dummy!)

- Reworked skill progression
> You are now offered choices over which skills to improve
> Skills have more ranks
- Added new skill/stat trainers for further customisation
- Secondary stats are tracked via multiboard
- Dimensional travel now carries summons across

Action, hack, and, slash, Perhaps, You, can, only , strike, grind, horde, survival, time, attack, score, slap, face, hard, tons, of, enemies, explosions, explosion, really big explosions, dimensions, portal, travel, waygate, mindless, relaxing,

Masters of the Multiverse v2.3b (Map)

00:59, 9th Jun 2016 Shadow Fury: This map requires tons of work.
Level 1
Feb 27, 2019
I really enjoed this map, but I have some strange moment - when I play archer on PitLord I use 2 clones and he die almost instantly, before this i try defeat him with bloode orc and cant damage him at all. P.S. Epic monsters take x5 times more to kill than PitLord. Strange. Enyway 5/5 for me.
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Level 22
Oct 12, 2008
I really enjoed this map, but I have some strange moment - when I play archer on PitLord I use 2 clones and he die almost instantly, before this i try defeat him with bloode orc and cant damage him at all. P.S. Epic monsters take x5 times more to kill than PitLord. Strange.
Ill have a look into this issue, thanks for the report!
Level 2
Aug 19, 2015
My shooting star with this stats can only itch the new version Pit Lord. Besides, they always outheal the damage i did to the boss.


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Level 3
Jun 8, 2018
Really cool map, but after 10min I saw a major problem, how to hell can I figure items level so I dont sacrifice a lvl 3 with 3 level 1 to have a level 2 ??