Multiple Spell KIT for my Hero's map!

Level 4
Jan 8, 2014
Hello! ^^ I will make it short and no useles talking.

Currently iam working on a Melee Map with events and all that good stuff. So i planned like ALOT OF heros to chose from. And i DO have some Ideas for champions kit but i need help with the execution as iam still learning. I will credit the one/ones that could help me with my problem later on when i upload the map but i need some help. Alright ill post the hero, his spells and what effect they should have. ALL spells are Q;W;E;R. All Damage variables will be RED, all statuseffects WHITE, all manacosts BLUE and all cooldowns GREEN. Just to save more text later on.

1. Hero "Stormlance Elite Sniper"
Q Spell "Arcane shot": When activated the next shot deals 50(rank 1etc.)/100/150/200 damage at full rank and slows the target for 20%/40%/60%/80% at max rank and its manacost rises by 45/70/95/120 MANA at max rank. Its cooldown stayes at 8 seconds at all ranks.

W Spell "TRACK": When used on a unit or building the target gets -5/-6/-7/-8 armor and the hero gets a buff 10%/15%/20%/25% attspeed ONLY on the marked target. It has 20/35/50/65 cost. It has 6/5/4/3 at max rank.

E Spell "Good Focus": When ever autoattacking a target, it has a 20% the Sniper hero gets 10/20/30/40 on his autoattacks and a 5%/10%/15%/20% attspeed buff for himself.

R Spell "Master Arsenal"
NOW THIS ONE IS MAYBE TO MUCH to ask but oh well...
The elite sniper grabs his back full of items and looks for a situation to use them in combat.
When activating this spell you get an extra window with 4 entire different spells: Explosive shot/Barrage/Disengage Trap/Warm Campfire which are listed as Q;W;E;R as well to help you chose quickly. When chosen the spell comes at the place where the "shadowmelt" spell would be with the "T". The "Master Arsenal" at its normal place. The "T" has 80 sec and 0 cost. The "Master Arsenal" 160 sec and It has 200 cost for each swap made.

Explosive Shot: Shoot in an area to deal 1K/1.8K.

Barrage: Shoot with 200% attspeed 5/8 targets.

Disnengage Trap: Hero jumbs in the opposite direction you casted it leaving a ward behind that deals, in a REALLY SMALL AREA, 2K and stuns for 5/10 sec.

Warn Campfire: Heals in a MEDIUM AREA 5%/6% of the players HP/MANA for 5/6 sec.

Ok iam done. Thank you for sticking this through and maybe even helping me. TO clear things from the start.

DO i have to create new FORUM everytime i want a new hero kit or i just EDIT this one here so i dont DOUBLE POST threads??