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[Multi, PvP] new map style idea

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Level 1
Jul 15, 2011
Hi, folks!

I would like to bring out an idea of the map. Actually it was created long-long time ago in Sc but I believe that in Wc3 it can have new life and give players lots of fun.

Map is for 4-8 players, solo or teams of 2 (if team - share start location).
4 start locations.

The aim is to kill enemy units.

Each player start with 6 workers (a bit amplified dmg).
When all units of a player are destroyed peasants are respawned at base. Number of them depends on your frags count. Formula: number = 6 + (number of kills/5)

On the map there are a lot of special places called 'transfiguration zone'. It can look like 1 unit and a circle near him.
If a player bring appropriate number of units to circle they are transformed into new unit.
Actually the same mechanism is being used in a Wc3 map called Binders if you played one but there you are required to have both: units and money cost.

Unit combo examples:
2 peasants = soldier
2 soldiers = knight
3 peasants = archer
archer + peasant = dark archer
archer + knight = mounted archer

Aim of the game
1. Destroy base
2. CTF
3. Frag count
4. Create the strongest unit
5. Siege some place

So... I was loving that map in Sc and want it reborn. Looking for any experienced Wc3 mapmaker to create this map.

If some1 interested drop me a PM or leave a msg here.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Level 14
Sep 28, 2011
Why not make an mode where the first player to kill a boss win also I can help you a little with triggering.you can add three others circles who function like in the starcraft golem mod and add a circle of random upgrade who cost gold to use.
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