MtG Green Growth Faction Pack

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
The following models were made as part of an unfinished entry for Techtree Contest 13. I attempted to team up with @GhostThruster as I recall, although during the contest I went on a vacation away from home and had limited availability and to some extent I may have let GhostThruster down and not finished making all of the assets that would have been necessary for the faction. But he was a cool guy and fun to talk to, anyway.
As far as I know the entry may not even have gotten to the point of being published on the contest thread. However, I had a few of these assets lying around on my computer and stuff from when I tried to create the contest entry, so I wanted to share them for anyone interested who might want to use them. The goal was to create "MtG Green" themed buildings, to some extent.
If these buildings interest you, the following model was uploaded separately in the past but was a part of the same scrapped project: Forest Den
In fact, upon reviewing my backups, I had a different version of the model at that link included in the stuff I found that I used to create this bundle, so I went ahead and included that.

I removed the Llanowar Elves worker asset from this bundle because it was already uploaded to a different bundle in the past: Sentinel Mechanic (and derivatives)

Beastly Grotto (Model)

Cockatrice (Model)

Eldrich Spire (Model)

Enclave (Model)

Overgrown Den (Model)

Saproling (Model)

Swamp Maw (Model)

Treant w/ Gold Harvest Anims (Model)