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.MS3D to .MDX

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Level 2
Sep 3, 2011
Hey guys I have used up milkshape free trial and have no way of purchasing it (paypal wise, credit card, or money order). I want to convert a file I downloaded with complete animations from .ms3d to .mdx. The file I want to convert is attached... (use the free and safe 7zip extractor from it's official website to extract the rar if you don't have an application to extract it http://www.7-zip.org/). Is there an application that can do this correctly? All the past link downloads for such an application I found seem broken when I last checked... though, i don't remember where. Thank you.


  • evil cyder.rar
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I have not found any converter for ms3d to mdx. Here's what I do if you have gmax:
1. import ms3d to gmax. You must have downloaded ms3dImportExport_ver1_0.ms
2. If you want some edits for the model, you can do it in gmax
3. You are done? Export the model using 'DeX 0.185m.mcr
4. Read This tutorial in exporting using gmax.
5. Once you have converted the .mdl file to .mdx using This, you area truly done.
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