Level 2
Feb 9, 2015
The only possible way to make money here would be to request payment for resources (models, icons, etc.). Although I don't recommend it, since most (if not 99%) of people wouldn't be willing to pay for something that can be done for free, nor go through tedious payment methods.
Hey does anyone know how to gain money in Hiveworkshop...

You can't gain money in Hiveworkshop. If you did then Blizzard had sued this site in just a month, that is probably against site's rules too..

Most of the resources were made using Blizzard assets. However there are some exceptions, such as contests that offer to give you a reward. The reward has to be in particularly nothing related to selling Blizzard's resources.

Lately there was this contest, some guy needed to test out his map and the reward was from him alone, a money check or a game card. This was exception, since it had nothing illegal in it.