Modeling Contest - "Glowing Doodads and Destructibles"

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Level 6
Sep 7, 2017
Modeling Contest - "Glowing Doodads and Destructibles"

The basic concept of the contest is to create a unique doodad that emits light effects on the map like the torch in the game doodads. The contestant may either be making torch but with different styles and appearances.

- Must emit light.
- Must have 'hyperlight high intensity' light mode. Use of alternate in which the doodad emit more light and larger illuminance radius.
- Can be torches, elven float lanterns, sky lanterns, water floating lanterns, lanterns on lilypads, manual mining lanterns, pole mounted lights. But never modern light object like streetlights, fireworks, flashlights, floodlights, bed lamp, and other non-fantasy objects.
- Must be effective in game especially at midnight scenic cinematics and in-game scenarios.
- Must have custom texture with HD, reshaded, or realistic skin such as of wood, steel, stone, etc...must not use wonky wood textures in warcraft 3.

- Not hosted by me.