Model Animation Request

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Mar 15, 2009
I need this model to be animated. I was wondering if someone here would help.

Rar is attached to message.

Don't worry about the model being completely blank white. It just doesn't have a texture.

If I need to describe the animations, i'll post the wanted animations.

NOTE: The model is suppose to have a weapon, but that has yet to be converted. Just a note.

Stand: Just stand still, looking around

Attack: As if she had a weapon in her right hand, a simple strike from upward to down. *the second can be from left to right.*

Walk: She techniqually floats since she has wings. You can make her feet lift as if she were floating off the ground for her walk animation.

Spell: View video: Start at 34 to see spell cast.

Die: A normal death, like collapsing on the ground.

If I missed something important for an animation request, let me know and I'll post the info for that. Thanks in advance


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