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Jan 1, 2013
Aug 26, 2012
Nov 2, 1995 (Age: 24)
Don't have a job... yet.


(And I'm Elfansoer2), 24

Elfansoer was last seen:
Jan 1, 2013
    1. Maestros
      You do realize that your (weird) not funny joke, when posting in the helping sections you confuse people with minimum knowledge, right?
    2. HappyTauren
      I am really sorry, I got carried out by other things, I am extremely busy now.
    3. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      Both are lame compared to real languages like C or Java.
    4. defskull
      That, you're gonna need someone dedicated to your project, currently I'm not into any project so I can't help you with that.
    5. defskull
      Such simple ability, you're using the wrong method and wishes to join Spell Contest, it's ridiculous >.>"
    6. defskull
      Lol, you have far way to go.
      I thought you're making it a loop (2 triggers required), but you seem to misunderstood the "loop" I mentioned ;p

      Well, if you use the loop I mentioned (2 triggers required), you could have a mark of C, but now, it's F >.>"

      Okay for looping, we should at all times avoid the use of "Wait" inside a looping action (like what you did).

      It can cause weird bugs (don't ask me what kind), but you should avoid it at all time.

      Wait, do you know how to play with variables ?
      If you don't know this, it would be huge problems teaching you since that is the basic knowledge one should have before coding intense trigger.

      Here's a test map which will help you to get C (this is still not MUI, but this is the trigger I hope you create in the first place)

      Map: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/pastebin_data/wfeyjf/_files/Exam%20Test%201.w3x

      Information about the map;
      - When you activate the spell for 1 unit at a time, it won't bug.
      - But when you activate the spell for more than 1 unit at a time (quickly cast all those spells to different units before the 5 seconds duration timeout), it will bug.

      What kind of bug ?

      Okay, you target Unit A, right after that you target Unit B.
      Only unit B is healed while Unit A does not gain anything, why does this happen ?
      It is because the data gets overwritten by Unit B, that's why the new unit now is Unit B, leaving Unit A unhealed.

      You will need a method to counter this situation, either Hashtable or Indexing.
    7. defskull
      MUI stands for Multi-unit Instanceability, meaning that your trigger will work if there is more than 1 units casting the spell at a time (provided that the spell is not instant - loop spells).

      Ok, now, try to create a trigger that heals a target unit for 50 HP/s, lasts for 5 seconds.
      I want you to do it, you know right ?

      I want to show you example of non-MUI trigger by using your own trigger.

      @Cold Bone
    8. CoLd Bon3
      CoLd Bon3
      I saw you asked defskull what is MUI - it means Multi-Unit-Instanceability. This means that more than one units can cast the same custom spell at once with no problem. To make a spell MUI you have to use a unit indexer or an indexing system. Search for one of those in the "Spells" section of The Hive.
    9. defskull
      The contest has ended, now waiting for results.
      You cannot join it any longer, but you can join the next contest.

      And can you code spells ?
      I don't mean to disrespect you but, it requires your spell to be at least MUI to enter the contest, else you will lose many marks on Coding marking.

      If you at least know how to make your spells MUI, that would be nice to enter contests such as that.
    10. defskull
      It is not against rule once you're PM/VM people as long you're not harassing them.
      You can ask any questions to me (mostly coding).
    11. defskull
      Yes, this is called VM (Visitor's Message).
      You are doing it right now (since you replied to my page, I get notifications).
    12. defskull
      You should be replying all those messages you wrote here, to MY page instead.
      Click on my name (that will bring you to my page)
      Now, write those replies there, not at your own page.

      Get it ?
    13. Elfansoer
      Uwah, I think I'll off for now....
      (What? you will dead?)
    14. Elfansoer
      No, you should not reply to your own page.
      Um... what do you mean? I don't understand, sorry.... (i'm still silent, in trauma)
    15. defskull
      No, you should not reply to your own page.
      You should click my avatar and reply to my page so I can get notification.
    16. Elfansoer
      Oh, thanks. I'm just know it now...
    17. defskull
      Why don't you post your trigger inside trigger tags ?
      [trigger]PASTE YOUR TRIGGER HERE[/trigger]

      You know how to copy trigger, right ?
      If you don't, here's what you gonna do;
      1. Go to Trigger Editor
      2. Right-click your Trigger Name (it's located above Events) and select Copy As Text
      3. Paste the copied trigger to the code I gave you above.
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    Nov 2, 1995 (Age: 24)
    Don't have a job... yet.
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    Kirin Tor


    I'm a duo personality. In the bracket "(...)" is my other side, so sorry about him. "[...]" is mine...
    (Hey, "(...)" is cooler than "[...]", you know...)

    It's up to you and it's normal to call me "weird", but ironically, the only thing I can do is to admit it, since (he) is... well, you know if you know me well. Just like "darkside" or something... Please forgive (him).
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