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Request Arwen (LOTR) model

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Level 6
Aug 29, 2004
To whoever would do this...

I need an Arwen + Frodo on horse model for the map i'm making. I could make it myself, but i have absolutely zero experience in modelling and if someone who was good could do it...

Arwen rides a white horse with frodo bundled in a cloak in front of her. She carries a slightly curved sword in one hand and wears a cloak which leaves her head bare.
As well as standard stand/run/ready animations, it will also need a 'Stand Victory' animation, 'Spell Slam' amd 'Spell' animations. Dissipate animations are not necessary.
The horse she rides needs to be white, frodo in a blueish-green cloth, her cloak to be in the team colour, and have a hero glow.

A bit demmanding, arent i?
oh well, anyone who does this gets a cookie
Thanks, Bort
Level 2
Jan 2, 2005
There is a model call HeroHumanHuntress
It is not really what you need but it's all for the moment
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