[Import] Model acting weird.

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Level 15
Oct 29, 2012
Hi guys,

I will simply explain it.

I wanted an arrow that guides players towards different paths (Probably an horizontal arrow). I tried to change Peasant's model into AneuTarget.mdx then tried to modify the Pitch/Roll angle of the arrow, it won't change even with negative values. So after that, I exported the AneuTarget.mdx from Warcraft's MPQ and rotated it using Magos.

Yet , after importing it, it appears with no skin at all (Although I extracted the texture and re-imported it).

NOTE : The texture is a team-colored texture, it always appeared transparent, (some textures aren't, it's not totally invisible).
NOTE 2: Negative values are accepted by the editor in every other model, just not the AneuCaster or AneuTarget one.

I would be very glad to know a solution ^^
Not open for further replies.