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Mixed Genre Games

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If you were to mix two or more genres into the same game (to make a game that hasn't been done before; don't say RPG + RTS = MOBA), what genres would you mix, what would you call the result, and how would it play out? Remember to state whether or not you're okay with mapmakers in the future adopting your idea.

On another level, what mixed genre games and maps have you played that you liked? Describe them. You can always come back and post again, so don't feel like you have to list them all at once, but of course feel free to!

I'd like to see an RPG mixed with a MOBA. The games would last 2-3 hours and take place on large maps where player-on-player combat is important but is not the sole focus of the game. The map would be large enough for them to do actual quests and for different events to occur. The NPC units and towers would continue to get stronger throughout the game so as to always be a threat, and various quests would help them in ways such as providing new troops or more troops. Rather than multiple lanes, there would be a very large "jungle", and a very long & wide lane that will take a long time for players to push all the way through, with lots of NPC spawns; this would be The Battlefield. NPC's would also spawn on a smaller scale and go through the jungle at each other. Players who really want to fight could meet each other directly on the battlefields, and players who are pursuing quests would still run into each other in the jungle.

I'd be fine with anyone adopting this idea. I'll probably end up making it myself eventually, but I've already got so many projects, so it will definitely be a while. Let me know if you adopt it, and I'll probably help you. I would definitely want a map like this to have good terrain, which I would be willing to provide.
I think 360 should be appropriate. Becos: -256 is too small to have large forest.
-480 is too large for players to find each other unless the speed is fast

I wasn't implying that I would make it 480x480. My RPG map which is 480x480 is a completely different map. I was using that as an example to say that I wouldn't hesitate to bypass the 256x256 barrier if I decided that it was appropriate for the map.

Since the forest is unexplored and without vision, it would need to be small enough for players to run into each other by accident on a regular basis.
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