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Missile (Bounce) Problem

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Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
Hey there.

Currently I'm struggling with a minor bug in a map. I have given a unit 2 attacks. Attack 1 is a generic missile attack that hits land units. Attack 2 is a Missile (Bounce) attack against air units. I've made sure it can target only air units, and that the Area of Effect targets is limited to only air. Both attacks are enabled.


When targetting an air unit, with hostile land units standing below it, the attack will still bounce towards the land units.

Vice versa this isnt the case, when targetting a land unit the attack doesnt bounce to air.

I've tried a number of things, but I cant stop this attack from bouncing towards land units. How do I fix this?
Level 7
Aug 5, 2005
Maybe post a screenshot so we can see if theres something wrong?

Another workaround I suggest would be to create a dummy unit with only 1 attack type and targets air at the position of the caster and have it attack. But I have a feeling that even that won't work either.

You could set up a trigger that takes the distance between the point of the caster and the target divided by the speed, giving you the amount of time you need to wait (unless it has arc) then create a dummy unit that can only attack air and have it attack the nearest flying unit. I'd do that in jass.
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